Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Pongo Zarafa or maybe it's Lawrence. Hmmmmm - Maryn Roos

So the deal with this one, since it's not particularly creepy or
scary, or even halloweenish, it's a copy of a painting from the main
set of the 60s tv version of the Addams Family. So I think it still
fits the criteria. I felt I needed it to hang in my own house, so it's
actually pretty huge: 31x24 inches. I'm not sure who this giraffe is
to the Addamses, but if I had to guess, I'd say his name is Pongo
Zarafa. Or maybe it's Lawrence. Hmmmm.


El Geco said...

Used to love that show! Don't think I ever noticed the painting, though.

Love the treatment you've given it, O Baroness. Somehow the name Salvador comes to mind when I look at it, though.

wynne said...

I love this one. I only wish I could hang it in my house, too.

But what happens when the symbols shatter said...

Its a painting of Gomez Addams Business partner. I have been looking for this print forever. Would you consider making a copy or selling it??

J D said...

I let the Baroness know of your interest in her work. We'll see if she responds.

Brian Diehl said...

I'd love a copy as well!

Jason Davis said...

Would you like to sell this? Or do you know who I can contact to have a copy made as well?