Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Shokoti - Nate Baertsch

Coming from me… Of course we’d get a He-Man character… Of COURSE!!!

And of course it would be a buxom EVIL pretty girl… Of COURSE!!!

Y’see, I figure Disney will end up owning He-Man too someday, as they seem to own just about everything else, from Muppets to Pixar. They’ve even got their fingers in STAR WARS!

So when that day comes, they can use this painting of Shokoti, the Evil Ancient Witch of Eternia to hang in their Haunted Mansion, the He-Man version, complete with Skeletor and his ghouls to spook you through the ride.

Hey what else would you expect from me? J

Happy Halloween!!!


Beck said...


Are you where the clip of He-Man singing "What's Going On" came from that Jeff has shown to me? I can't hear that song now without picturing He-Man.

Juliann said...

Ooh, ooh! I love the textures your getting in there. . . both in the background and then the scratchy stuff on top. And great colors too!

O.N.E. said...

This is a great painting. Textures and detail are good and such an obscure character to base on...she was only in one episode (mentioned in 2) but your painting makes me wish the series got revived and she was featured more. Great work!